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City: Ica, Paracas, Nazca - Land of enigmatic figures -

Located 250 km (156 miles) on Lima south is Paracas peninsula, barren and desert peninsula, center of one of the most remarkable archaelogical areas in Peru. Paracas Reserve, the biggest sanctuary of wild fauna of the coast, including the Ballestas Islands, which can be reach by boat. From Paracas, one our by car, by Panamericana Highway, we can get to Ica, oasis with vegetation and land of the famous Peruvian Pisco. Ica, 310 km (194 miles) on Lima south is also located a fine archaelogical museum. On the south is seated Nazca, on a valley irrigated by a prehispanic aqueduct. Is an obligatory stop for the visitors of the famous Nazca lines and for the tourists on the way to Lima, Arequipa or Cusco.

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Highlights of the Ica Region - 3 dias/ 2 noches

You will start your first day in Ica with a city tour with a visit to a winery. Ica is very famous city for its production of high quality of piscos and sweet wines, After an explanation and some walking around the lagoon you will have a dune buggy tour in the Ica desert. the 2nd day You will make a flight over the Nazca Lines which remain a mystery at present, the day after you will be transfer you early to Paracas for your Ballestas tour Islands.During this tour you will see the Candelabrum figure and you can observe Humboldt Penguins, several sea lions and a variety of bird species on the islands, then you back to Lima by bus

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Full day Paracas - Full day

250 km (156 miles) south of Lima lies Paracas, a windswept, arid peninsula and site of one of Peru´s renewed archaeological sites. The Paracas Reserve, Peru´s largest coastal wildlife sanctuary includes the Ballestas Island, reached from Paracas by boat . These Islands are home to thousands of resident and migratory sea birds, many endemic to the Humboldt Current. They include pelicans, boobies, cormorants, terns and gulls who share their habitat with herds of sea lions.

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