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City: Lima - City of Kings - A mosaic of people, eras and traditions -

The mansions and churchs of Colonial Lima and modern suburbs such as, San Isidro, Miraflores and Monterrico, give the city a variety of styles. More than seven million of people, the third part of the population, live in Lima, located with view of the Pacific Ocean. Founded by the spanish Francisco Pizarro, Lima is also well-known as " La Ciudad de los Reyes" (the City of Kings), because of its fundation date, 1535. For more than 300 years, Lima was the biggest and most important city in South America.

Available Pre - Post Tours:

Colonial and Modern Lima - 3 hrs

This three-hour sightseeing tour offers the best of Colonial and modern Lima. Included are Lima´s most imposing colonial churches and mansions such as The Goverment Palace, The Plaza Mayor, The City Hall and the Cathedral including the 17th Century San Francisco Monastery. The tour ends with a visit to the modern suburbs of San Isidro with olives brought from spain in the XVI century, the pre-inca worshipper of Huallamarca and Pucllana, Miraflores Parque Central and Larco Mar, symbol of a modern Lima. *Regular Service. * Minimum 2 people.

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Pachacamac Tour - Half Day

A visit to one of Peru´s most renowned pre hispanic pilgrimage sites takes you 30 m (19 miles) South of Lima to the temples of Pachacamac overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Althought the aerliest constructions at Pachacamac only date back to around AD 200, it is famed as the site of an important Inca Temple

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H/D Gold Museum - 4 horas

The most important museums of the higher cultures of this part of the world are located in Lima. There is also invaluable goldsmithing jewelry. 500 years ago peruvian gold attracted European adventurers and this caused the Inca Empire´s collapse and the Viceroyship of Peru took place as a Spain colony. Furthermore, this museum exhibits valuable pre-inca textiles

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Larco Herrera Museum - 4 horas

Visit of the Larco Herrera Museum. This private collection, which displays about 45,000 pieces, mainly pottery, was excavated and collected by the peruvian archaeologist Rafael Larco Hoyle and is today housed in a renovated hacienda house. The museum is famed for its collection of erotic pottery. Continue with the visit of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. This small but well laid out museum is situated in Pueblo Libre and offers one of the best overviews of ancient Peruvian art and archaeology. The museum houses pieces such as the Raymondi Stone Slab, the Tello Obelisque from the Chavin culture, outstanding examples of Paracas textiles and mummies, Nazca and Mochica pottery together with other mayor collections, which can be appreciate in a chronological display. Return to the hotel

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F/D Pachacamac / Peruvan Paso Hourses Exhibition w/ Lunch - Full day

We will travel across the traditional seaside resorts in the south of Lima, like Barranco and Chorrillos, in order to visit the most important prehispanic sanctuary of the coast of ancient Peru which gathered thousands of pilgrims from the Andean world, where we will discover more than 2000 years of uninterrupted history the splendid Citadel of Pachacamac, The Sanctuary of God Pachacamac, Temple of the Sun, the Temple of Pachacamac and the Acllahuasi or Palace of the Virgins of the Sun. A unique arqueological and mystical Experience. We will continue our visit to a private estate house ?Casa Hacienda los Ficus? located in the valley of Lurin. In its beautiful gardens, a skillfull horsewoman o horseman will introduce you to the world of the Peruvian Paso Horse, describing the history of this noble animal. We will also taste a typical rural lunch entertained by an exclusive show of Peruvian Step Horses at Peruvian Hacienda House.

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Gastronomic Tour w/lunch - 4 horas y 1/2

Flavors of Peru?: Visit a typical market, take some cooking classes, and finish with a delicious lunch at a top restaurant. You will visit one of Lima?s classic markets, venturing into its depths to comprehend the variety of produce that is brought from all over Peru - fresh seafood from the coast, exotic fruits from the jungle, and grains and foodstuffs grown in the mountains. Just being there will make you feel like an everyday citizen of Lima. Your time spent in the market will unlock the secrets of Peruvian food as you will discover such ingredients as cherimoya or lucuma, both of which are native Peruvian fruits, and the wide variety of tubers, from the ordinary potato to the striking yellow of the ulluco, not to mention fabulous Andean grains, the likes of quinoa, kiwicha, and cañihua. So many colors, so many textures, such an incredible variety. You won?t know where to begin. Later on, there are some cooking classes, where you will learn to prepare the famous ?Pisco Sour?, by an expert barman, and the delicious ?Ceviche? prepared by the cheff of the restaurant .Exquisite! Then you will taste a delicius lunch featuring the most representative dishes of the peruvian cuisine.

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Lima by Night with Dinner Show - 18:00 - 21:30

From the center of Lima, this short tour will take you to the historic center of Lima, San Isidro and Miraflores, the route is a panoramic overview. Dinner at a local restaurant with folkloric show

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Tour Lima by Night with Water Fountain - 18:30 - 21_30

Appreciate the city of Lima, considered one of the better lit colonial cities of America and be enchanted by the Magic Circuit of Water, a wonderful spectacle of Sources Cyber and Interactive Ornamental which achieves a perfect conjunction and harmony of water, light, music and pictures, with a source of more than 80 meters in height.

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